Basic Step For Conflict Resolution In Organization

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Conflict resolution is basically finding a solution for the settlement between two parties. So is there any effective way to handle conflict? Conflict at the workplace is quite a common issue as every employee have different personalities, goals, and opinions. You can given opt for ‘mediation Munich’(generally known as ‘mediation münchen’ in the German language)

Management should know how to deal with such a situation.  In this article we are going to 5 basic steps for conflict resolution which are given below:


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Identify the source of the conflict

The very first step for ‘conflict resolution’ (generally known as ‘konfliktlösung’ in the German language) is finding the source of conflict. If you have exact information about the source of conflict then it will be very easy for you to resolve it. In order to get the information, you have to ask a series of question from that person.  Manager of the organization should give chance to both the parties to tell their side of the story. This will give a better understanding of what exactly happened.

Look beyond the incident

It is very important for you to have a closure look at what exactly happened. The problem that occurs might be minor but its stress might be higher between the parties. You can check about the triggering incident to see the real cause.  To find the answer you can ask the questions like:

  •    What happened?
  •    What is the reason for the start of the problem?

Request solutions

After you are aware of the viewpoint of both the part, now the next step will be identifying the solution. It means that how the problem can be changed. It is very important that you should be a good and active listener. You can even click here for more information related to conflict resolution. 


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Identify solutions both disputants can support

Now you have to identify the solution by finding the merits of various ideas. The solution should be such that it should benefit the organization also.


Now as a mediator your duty is to bring both the party to a mutual agreement.