Should You File a Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit?

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Taxotere was approved by the FDA in May 1996. The medicine was suggested for the treating patients with advanced or metastatic breasts malignancy after chemotherapy when any another medicine failed. But it has been found to cause permanent alopecia or hair loss in women.

The suits claim, however, that Sanofi allegedly advertised the medication for use in patients with early-stage breasts cancer. The suits also declare that the company advertised the medicine in a far better way than the rivals’ drugs even though studies proved that Taxotere didn’t offer any increased benefits.

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Actually, research posted in the brand new Great Britain Journal of Treatments in 2008 discovered that the competitor medicine of Taxotere, Taxol was actually far better than Taxotere. In 2009, the FDA send Sanofi a caution letter accusing the company of making false and misleading assertions about the effectiveness of its medication.

Across the country, women who consumed Taxotere during chemotherapy are filing lawsuits saying that they have lost their hair permanently due to medication. They’re seeking payment from the maker for mental suffering, bills and for their psychological destruction. If you too are have been cheated by Sanofi, you may file a Taxotere lawsuit by hiring a lawyer via


The lawsuits are filed to help patients recover money from the drug’s company for the damage they suffered due to their hair loss. The suits claim that the maker of the drug, Sanofi:

  • Paid doctors for prescribing Taxotere for off-label uses to the cancer patients at early stages.
  • Didn’t properly alert patients about the chance of long lasting, chemotherapy-induced alopecia (hair thinning).

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  • Subjected patients to a medication that was more harmful than other alternatives.
  • Trained their team to misrepresent the efficiency of the medicine.
  • Knew that the chance of everlasting hair thinning was much increased with Taxotere than competitor drugs.

As a result, Sanofi is in charge of providing reimbursement to women who experienced long-term hair loss due to the drug usage.

Lawsuits can help women retrieve compensation for injuries that they experienced after losing their hairs. These damages range from:

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  • Mental hurting (anxiety, despair, etc.)
  • Medical expenses, including remedy and counseling
  • Lost of income to work due to emotional destruction
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of standard of living

The lawsuits can also help ensure that Sanofi and other medication producers market their products for FDA-approved uses only.