Government Practice and Procurement

Some of the largest budgets for construction are managed by local government. We all need schools, libraries, police precincts, court houses, hospitals, sanitation truck garages, and many other structures that serve a public purpose. In addition, some of the largest budgets for information technology, which is another expertise of F&N attorneys, are managed by local government.

F&N’s government practice and procurement provides its clients with guidance in navigating a unique set of rules pertaining to bidder qualification, due process, competitive bidding and special forums. For instance, may a government agency find a bidder to be ‘non-responsible’ merely because the bidder’s name appears in the New York City VENDEX database, an important index of vendors reported by a City agency for some reason or another to be unsatisfactory.

F&N attorneys successfully litigated that issue and the court found that an agency must look behind the VENDEX listing into a company’s most current experience – or the agency risks being found to violate that company’s rights. Issues like these are not limited to the construction industry or information technology community. They are caught up in every effort to sell goods and services to a government agency.

Complicated rules pertaining to government procurement require anyone wanting to sell anything to a government agency to seek the help of attorneys familiar with the rules. F&N represents a variety of clients engaged in the construction or information technology industry before Federal, New York State and New York City and other Municipal Agencies.

F&N reviews bid documents and contracts as they advise clients on the traps and risks for the unwary. F&N assists clients in preparing bids and proposals for government work and resolve disputes arising from before any contract is signed through its client’s performance of the contract obligations. Perhaps most important to the bidder is the help F&N offers in preparing a company’s qualification statement, whether the VENDEX form or another agency’s.

F&N clients are not only contractors, although most of its clients are in the private sector. F&N also represented the Port Washington Union Free School District as Construction Law Counsel in preparing contracts for general construction, construction management services, and architectural services for a forty million dollar project to modernize the district schools.