Know About Full Downdraft Spray Booths

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Full downdraft spray paint booths provide a superior spray environment for a variety of standard sizes and scalable configurations to assemble your industrial trucks, parts, and large equipment or custom finishing needs.

Our standard DOWNDRAFT spray cabin draws unpressurized filtered fresh air, from a plenum ceiling-mounted supply chamber, which then flows uniformly over the entire work area and out through a filtered, grated in the floor or plenum level above basement escape – creating an optimum environment spray coverage. You can get top quality downdraft spray booth at

Downdraft booths can be designed for drive-in / out back-flow applications or through production lines.

Some of the features provided in standard paint booths include:

  • Prima 18 gauge galvanized steel construction G90
  • fans aluminum sheet AMCA certified with the standard engine TEFC
  • UL listed for fluorescent lighting fixtures color correct
  • Standard 20 x 20 filter industry
  • # 200 Sq./ft. steel grid pit
  • Doors products
  • Easy nut and bolt assembly with exploded drawings 3D
  • Designing downdraft paint booth

High current performance descending paint booths provide optimum airflow and are the preferred cabin style paint for paint finish ultra-high quality. The intake filter frame comes with a roll-in pinch strip ensuring a seal 100% each time. Upgrade to a source of quick-change filter for saving additional labor.

Consult the local authority having jurisdiction additional requirements before buying. For more information on the characteristics standard of our cabins downdraft, a list of models and sizes, and options for our complete spray booths DOWNDRAFT available.

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