Racing Series For Ferrari Owners

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If you buy a Ferrari, you might make that purchase for investment reasons, you tell yourself. And that may be true, but what is also true is that you bought it because you like driving a sports car quickly, it can't be denied. You can get to know more about the fastest 0-60 ever recorded laferrari 0-60 via reading online.

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If this describes your relationship with your Ferrari, and if you already have some training and racing experience, then you might be ready to participate in the Ferrari North America Challenge Series for non-professional racers who are Ferrari owners who compete in Ferrari racing against each other.

Ferrari chooses a different model vehicle to be displayed each year from the Ferrari series. For this year, the F430 Challenge with a booming 479 hp is the car of choice. The rules stipulate that racers compete for fun and in the sense of "playing fair." This is not a starting point for race car drivers; instead, it was the end for himself. The Ferrari Challenge Series is approved by the Grand American Road Racing Association.

This series will also host the Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge. Ferrari Vintage Racing is a hook that draws big fans to the track to see this beautiful vehicle. This race was open to unmodified Ferraris and the race that Maseratis built before the 1980s. They are also open to the vintage Alfa Romeos which was driven by the Scuderia Ferrari team during pre-World War II.

Several races in this series will also showcase Formula One vehicles under private ownership and FXX, a prototype of 800 special horsepower. On the same weekend of the Challenge series, Ferrari owners can participate in the Ferrari Driving Clinic.

Expert instructions are available to help you get the best out of your sports car, and you will spend time in the garage along with the time behind the wheel of your Ferrari, with instructors giving tips to help improve your skills and get the best out of your vehicle.