Travel To The Holy Land And Your Life Will Be Changed Forever

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In this age of social media, most people are having that thirst of adventure of travelling to places that they have seen that were posted on social media platforms. Indeed, people will prioritize the countries that have amazing landscapes, and sceneries. However, as people witness those majestic views, they will feel happiness that is fleeting. When people choose to have an Israel travel experience, however, they will return to their homes bringing a new and positive change in their lives.

It is common knowledge that Israel is where all the miracles happened, and these miracles have changed the lives of people who have witnessed them happened. However, as the world continues to make progress, people today forget about those miracles. They forget about how important and how joyful it is to have a close relationship with the Miracle-Maker or with God.

Those miracles were recorded in the Bible. There are times that Christians will stop reading their Bibles due to focusing on what this world has to offer. However, once they go to Israel, they will, surely, experience the Bible in real life. They will be able to have full understanding of the texts that they have read, and will revive their passions in reading the Word of God.

They will be brought to the places where the individuals who were mentioned in the Bible were praying, praising God, and other things that were recorded. They will witness the hardship that Jesus and His disciples have gone through in order to share the Word of God to every single soul. This will help them rekindle their passions in evangelizing to others, and on their ministry.

Nowadays, people see chaos everywhere. When they turn on their TVs, they see reports about gun violence, suicide, and innocent children being abused. Therefore, there are times that humans will give in to the chaos, and give up on making the life here on Earth better. By going on this trip, people are able to know that this chaos can still be eradicated only with the help of God.

The only thing that will make a person joyful while living in this chaotic world is knowing the true purpose of life. However, this purpose does not have something to do with what the world wants, but what Jesus wants. Individuals are able to get a full idea of their purpose by maintaining a flourishing relationship with Him, for without Him we are nothing.

Even though this country is filled of miracles, it does not mean that wars did not erupt. Human beings err, and sometimes the errors they make end up with annihilation and a never-ending grudge towards one another. However, with Israel being a prosperous country even after the wars, it just really proves that fully trusting God is always the answer to every human greed.

Every single one of us, at some point of our lives, will lose hope. With the things happening in this world, nobody wants to witness the hate and evil anymore. However, when you leave this beautiful country, you will find a new-found hope that is unshakable no matter how life gets hard.