What Is The Difference Between An RDA And A Traditional Tank?

One of the key differences between an RDA and a traditional tank is that an RDA vape is not used to store e-liquid the way a tank usually does. Instead, the user infrequently applies e-liquid top-ups directly to the coil.

While some dislike the idea of having to constantly add more and more e-liquid over the day, RDA users find it a small price to pay for flavor intensity and cloud production. If you want to get more information about RDA tanks, then you can navigate to https://www.vapehousehi.com/category/tanks/rda-tanks/

Another plus to consider is that you can alternate your flavors across the day just a couple of puffs and the previous e-liquid is completely vaporized, allowing you to try different tastes.

This ability to become a kind of ‘Renaissance vaper’ is one of the many reasons why the ‘true believers of vaping’ are often predisposed to the RDA experience.

Are There Different Kinds of RDA Vapes?

As well as a vaping RDA, you can also purchase an RTA, which stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomiser and is a bit of a middle-ground.

These tanks also allow you to build your coils, however, unlike an RDA vape they have an internal e-liquid reservoir, much like a traditional tank. Building coils will be a similar process regardless of which variant you opt for.

There is some variation in RDA vapes as well, usually regarding whether the device is a single or dual coil build. There are advantages to both choices: a single coil build will usually have a higher resistance and drain your battery far slower, though what you sacrifice is a certain amount of vapor.

On the other hand, dual coil builds split the unit’s power between both coils, which decreases the resistance of the build and results in vast clouds, with a notable increase in power drain.

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