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Defining Mindfulness For People In Silicon Valley

Thursday , 18, February 2021 Leave a comment

Mindfulness and awareness are the same! However, it appears that people are more relaxed in a business context when we use the term "attention". Why: Teaching awareness and living intelligence in companies has its roots in Silicon Valley, where most successful technology innovation and startups are born, the cradle of trends.

This explains why some companies use mindfulness rather than awareness because it sounds less esoteric. You can find information regarding mindfulness in Silicon Valley via

Image Source: Google

The content of the awareness program follows Google's "search within you" guiding system. Unexpected ways to success, happiness, and world peace.

A Google search for "attention" now returns more than 50 million records. Large magazine covers have attracted attention. There are applications for attention, books, studios, and a variety of courses, especially for top managers.

This clear trend is based on solid scientific evidence. It might be possible that this topic turns into something natural and socially acceptable to such an extent that the felt hype, similar to yoga, is not perceived as such because it became natural.

Numerous studies have shown that meditation, careful communication, and appropriate breathing techniques influence and alter brain function exclusively and sustainably through the phenomenon of neuroplasticity.

How else should people remain human given the increasing information, speed, and burden of digitization? Wisdom offers alternative ways of thinking and behavior to the constant "always on" and "obligatory" 24-hour modes.

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