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Typical Reasons for Employee Training and Development

Saturday , 12, September 2020 Leave a comment

Education and training can be started for an employee or a group of employees for various reasons, for example:

When performance evaluations indicate that increased productivity is needed

"Compare" the previous rate of increase in an effort to increase productivity

As part of a comprehensive training program

As part of continuity planning, employees must qualify for planned role changes in the organization

To "pilot" or test the performance of a new performance management system

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Typical employee training topics

Communication: The growing diversity of today's workforce brings with it many languages and customs.

Computer literacy: Computer literacy has become a necessity for administrative and office tasks.

Customer Service: Increased competition in today's global marketplace is critical to enabling employees to understand and respond to customer needs.

Diversity: Diversity training usually includes an explanation of how people have different points of view and includes techniques for assessing diversity

Ethics: Society today has increasing expectations of corporate social responsibility. Moreover, today's diverse workforce brings many values and morals with it.

Human Relations: Increased tension in today's workplace can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. Training can be understood by people in the workplace.

Quality initiatives: Initiatives such as comprehensive quality management, quality circles, benchmarking, etc. They require basic training in quality concepts, quality guidelines and standards etc.

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